What Are People Saying?

Engaged and in awe every second

Amazing, mind-blowing show! The things that Jonathan was able to pull off on stage was really awesome, plus he’s a great showman. Funny, engaging, expressive, and charming—his show is so worth the money!

~Ashley H, TripAdvisor

We attended your amazing show last night at the Story Parlor. You’re a terrific presenter and entertainer. Thank you for enlightening us!


Wow! Impressive, unique, fun! Great performance and the small venue made it feel very personal. He really engages with the audience & left us all wondering how he does it!

~Cheryl, on TripAdvisor

We checked out Jonathan Pritchard’s mentalist show in October and had a blast! Jonathan is a seasoned, polished performer who knows how to put on an engaging show and to get the whole audience involved in what’s going on. The show is tightly paced, and his “tricks” are clever and also impossible to figure out. We saw the show at the Story Parlor, and the mix of venue and performance was top-notch, as it gave you a sense of intimacy that made Jonathan’s skills all the more impressive. Highly recommend checking out this show whether you’re a local or a visitor looking for something to do – you won’t be disappointed!

~Caitlin, on TripAdvisor

I can count, on one hand, how many standing ovations I’ve seen here. Simply amazing!

~Erin, Owner of the Story Parlor

Best show! We couldn’t believe our eyes. So entertaining, funny and personable. This small venue was great. No one felt pressured or was embarrassed. My friend and I will be back for another show and will be bringing others. We drove from SC on a whim for a fun evening, so glad we did.

~Kristie A.

It was much more than a “mind reading” show. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Next time you see it offered, grab those tickets because it will be a sold-out show.

~Scotlyn O.

Sleight-of-hand is one type of trick, but Jonathan Pritchard employs a whole new level of mind tricks. His show was lively, engaging, interactive, and intensely satisfying — not because he gave away his secrets, but because he didn’t. I left with a sense of wonder at the world, which is a good thing. See his next show! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

~Mark B.

This was my second time seeing Jonathan live and he never disappoints. Very engaging with the audience. Looking forward to the next one!!!

~Kayla K.

Jonathan Pritchard is a true entertainer and incredible mentalist. His charm, creativity and mind reading is so amazing. He will literally blow your mind. He has a great show that amazes all of your senses! Leaves you in AWE and wanting more! So much fun! Worth seeing and believing!

~Angie C.

What fun show! Jonathan amazed the audience everyone with outstanding displays a Mentalism and mind reading! Fantastic show! My wife and I will definitely see the show again.

~Chastain C.

It was a great show, that started on time. I had two acts that are tied for most favorite. The ghost touch and the not hypnotized language reading.

~Michael P.

Jonathan’s show was mind-blowing!! I have no idea how he does what he does, but it was fun and amazing!! If you want to experience an exceptional evening, come see his show!!

~Diane P.

Overall this is easily one of the best shows you can see. It’s smart, hilarious, engaging, confounding, and memorable in a way that most shows just don’t live up to. You do NOT want to miss this show while it’s around.

~Cody G.

This was a very clever, funny, and tightly paced show. 75 minutes flew by and left my partner and I trying to figure it out the entire drive home.


A combination of humor, magic, and – simply stated – stellar performance makes this a must-see show.


We had much fun. Mind blowing and hysterical! I didn’t want the show to end. It was an evening to remember for sure. So worth it!

~D4663IQkimd, TripAdvisor

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