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Next Performance:
February 24, 2024
Doors: 7:30pm. Performance: 8pm

“Playful, Hysterical, Brilliant and fully Engaging!”

Just say “Yes,” and get yourself a ticket! Promise, you won’t regret it. I brought my husband without telling him much before hand and I don’t think he has laughed that hard in a long time.

~Grace, participant

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Previous Performances

Jan 28, 2024

Dec 1, 2023

Nov 3, 2023

Oct 6, 2023

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Overall this is easily one of the best shows you can see. It’s smart, hilarious, engaging, confounding, and memorable in a way that most shows just don’t live up to. You do NOT want to miss this show while it’s around.”

— Cody, audience member

A combination of humor, magic, and – simply stated – stellar performance makes this a must-see show.

— Courtney, audience member

The Mentalist

Jonathan Pritchard is an Asheville-area native who has toured all over the world for the past 15+ years. By day he uses his communication & persuasion skills to work with fortune 500 clients at conferences, trade shows, and sales launches. By night he entertains audiences with his unique mixture of applied psychology, storytelling, showmanship, and moxie.

“This was a very clever, funny, and tightly paced show. 75 minutes flew by and left my partner and I trying to figure it out the entire drive home.”

— Michael, audience member


The Venue

The Asheville Mind Reading show is proud to partner with the STORY PARLOR; a narrative arts space located at 227 Haywood Road — Asheville, NC 28806. Call (828) 367-9377‬ for details, showtimes, and reservations.


For VIP Ticket Holders

Written by Jonathan Pritchard, the mentalist.

This is “Think & Grow Rich” for the 21st Century, if it were written by an honest-to-goodness mind reader. The ideas & principles included within these pages are the exact approaches the author has used to create a custom-fit life that has allowed him to travel the world and be paid very well for it.

If you’re interested in breaking out of the standard social narrative, this is the book for you.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself, others, and how we all tick. (There’s even a magic trick built into the book that you’ll get to perform with your friends!)

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