The Performer

Jonathan Pritchard is an Asheville native who grew up in the area before living & touring all over the world for the past 20 years. He is fascinated by understanding how people think and then using that insight to help people make their most ambitious goals a reality.

By night he specializes in performing a Mentalism show which is a unique brand of magic that focuses on reading minds, predicting the future, instant hypnosis, and more bizarre experiences.

He got his start performing at colleges across the country. Then he began working with large corporations as their conference MC & keynote speaker during daylight hours. Eventually he recognized that he could also help train corporate teams to be better communicators, so he started a consulting company and he also helps companies get more leads from their trade shows.

He is also the author of multiple books, a painter, martial artist, and techno-optimist who’s involved in multiple future-oriented projects.

While not on tour your can find him at home with his wife, daughter, and cat Aglet.

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The Show

It’s a unique combination of audience interaction, improvisation, comedy, and stunning demonstrations of human capability.

You’ll see a combination of memory feats, influence, mind to mind communication, and maybe even a prediction of the future.

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