Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Is It?

We are partnered with the Story Parlor of Asheville on 227 Haywood Road in west Asheville. It’s the perfect size for the show, and we love their mission of sharing the power of telling our stories.

What About Parking?

It’s pretty scarce, honestly. There are two lots within 5 blocks of the venue & some street parking; it fills up quick.

For a more detailed explainer & handy illustrations, you should check out the venue’s page about parking.

Am I Getting Tickets & Do I Need To Print Anything?

Nope! We ask for your name & email at checkout so that you’ll be on our list of ticket holders.

That way, when you get to the show you can give us your name, we’ll check you in, and you’re good to go.

Welcome to the future!

Can I Buy Tickets At The Door?

We don’t have a till & we don’t have a credit card processor on site. You’ll have to get tickets here on the website. So, if you show up without tickets, we’ll tell you to visit this site & buy them there.

Having said that, ticket sales end when doors open so we can focus on putting on the best show.

When Does It Start & How Long Is The Show?

The show starts at 8pm and doors to the venue open at 7:30 for general admission. VIP ticket holders get in 10 minutes early to pick their seats.

We aim for a 70 minute performance without an intermission.

Can I Bring My Kids?

No, thank you. This is an 18+ up show. Think about it like an opera of the mind; it’s more for adults than children.

What Is Mentalism?

It’s a special branch on the “magic & mystery tree.” It’s a focus on persuasion, influence, predicting human behavior, lightning mathematics, snap memory, and more incredible mind powers.

Is Jonathan Psychic?

Nope! Everything he does is a blend of applied psychology, showmanship, and moxie. He makes no claims of having supernatural abilities.

(Even though it might look like real magic!)

Can We Refund Our Tickets?

We can’t refund your ticket, but if you are unable to attend the show we can reserve your spot at a future date.

Can We Have Jonathan Do His Thing At Our Company?

You bet! That’s his strong suit! Do you need a show? Would you like him to train your team to be more persuasive & effective? He can do that!